Exhibitors Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help answer any questions you may have about the shows and help you plan so you hit the ground running.

Should you have additional questions, please contact your salesperson or click the Contact Us tab above.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Be prepared when you get there
  • Save time when you arrive
  • Information to help you plan

Does this site work on mobile devices and tablets?

The EXPO website is a fully responsive website which means that its size adapts to mobile phones / iPads® and different resolutions. You will be able to access valuable information while attending the shows to help you find suppliers and navigate the show faster without having to download an app.

What is The EXPO?

The NTP-STAG EXPO is the best trade show in the specialty RV equipment and accessories industry. Our show is open exclusively to current or prospective NTP-STAG customers and suppliers.

Why should I attend? How does my business benefit by attending the EXPO?

The EXPO offers much more than just the hottest new products and applications for the new selling season.

Take advantage of:
  • Best selling shows
  • Influence sales decisions in Attendees
  • Reach Attendees who sell your products everyday
  • Low cost and easy freight
  • Launch new products and applications
  • Show your displays/merchandising options to Attendees
  • Interact with your NTP-STAG Team and meet the NTP-STAG Leadership Team

Who attends The EXPO?

This show is NOT open to the public. It is an invite-only event open only to current or prospective NTP-STAG customers and suppliers.

How do I get my freight to The EXPO?

We have set up programs to minimize cost and ensure your freight gets to the show safely and on time. Please go to the Exhibitor Info page to see the complete details. If you have additional questions, please use the Contact Us page and an associate will get back with you.

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