NTP-STAG’s EXPO is the largest wholesale buying show in the industry. As a customer or supplier, there are many reasons to attend/exhibit at our Show. EXPO consistently provides an engaging forum for our customers to see new products first-hand and learn detailed product information directly from suppliers and manufacturer representatives.

Blue Ox at the EXPO


Some of the benefits of attending or exhibiting at the EXPO includes:

  • New Products... Customers visit with hundreds of exhibitors to discover the hottest new products and applications just in time to merchandise stores for the peak selling season
  • Purchasing Deals... The deepest buying opportunity of the calendar year translates to greater profitability for our customers
  • Business Building Ideas... Our customers learn about strategies for growing their business effectively, including the use of VIA, MagniFinder and our marketing programs
  • Networking... Our show are the perfect setting for our customers to network with dealers and industry professionals, as well as meet their NTP-STAG sales representative and favorite suppliers
  • Education and Training... From supplier product training to business development seminars, EXPO provides the opportunity for continuing education and professional development for any dealer personnel regardless of experience or tenure in the market


Our PRO (Professional Retail Organization) educational series is a proprietary collection of business development seminars that address operational, sales, marketing and merchandising topics that are critical to a retailer’s success. PRO is a complimentary program offered to all NTP-STAG customers and available online making it a convenient way for dealers stay abreast of the latest retail trends and trainings.


RV University is a day of product training and educational seminars that occurs the first day of EXPO. Attendees can build their own agenda for the day from a list of more than 30 different supplier sponsored classes and three PRO seminars. PRO certified attendees are awarded a scholarship to attend RV University at no cost.




  • RV Dealerships
  • RV Parts & Service
  • Mobile RV Dealers
  • Hitch Installers
  • Trailer Repair
  • Trailer Dealers
  • Manufacturers


  • About EXPO… I think it is amazing. It’s really hard to see it all, even in two days, but it’s a great experience. Kyle – Wade’s RV
    RV News March 2018
  • The show is a great platform for us to introduce new items and get dealers to think outside of the box for other ways to make some money. Dave Steuk – Cruiser Accessories and Rock Tamers
    RV News March 2018
  • About EXPO… The educational opportunities that are offered here, combined with the social networking, it was all just amazing. Ellen Keitzmann – Blue Ox
    RV Business March 2018
  • About RV University… It’s a great program. Our training session was packed. From that standpoint we know the training is well appreciated, and we did have several dealers come up to us throughout the show and thank us for RVU – both the training and the sponsorship – so it seems to have good value and interest for the dealers. Bryan Fletcher – Valterra
    RV News March 2018

Recent Articles

  • NTP-STAG’s Nashville EXPO One for the Record Books

    EXETER, PA – If an event’s success is measured by attendance and sales, NTP-STAG’s 2019 EXPO would be one for the record books. By almost every measure – attendance, exhibit hall size, sales, new product and program reveals, the 2019 EXPO appeared to break all the previous show records. “We had high expectations going into the event,” stated Bill Rogers, President of NTP-STAG. “The results were exactly what we hoped for – strong attendance, busy show floor, solid representation by leading suppliers in our market, and great sales,” he adds.

    The 2019 EXPO, held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, had over 3,000 preregistered NTP-STAG customers, supplier personnel and staff scheduled to attend.  The two day event had the largest RV University attendance ever and the 150,000 square foot exhibit hall was humming with people and deals until the closing bell.

    “Our training and education programs continue to be a strong draw for the EXPO,” says John Spaulding Director of Communications and Events. “It reinforces the fact that there is a desire for people to be better at their jobs and have a deeper understanding of the products, business practices and trends that impact their success. Having over 1,100 people signed up to participate in our education programs this year was incredible.”

    During EXPO, there was definitely a focus on new items, product categories and marketing programs that can help dealers grow their businesses. The traditional model store was transformed into an idea center where attendees could see how a variety of categories like, pet supplies, portable lighting, kitchen items, smart technology products and PDI components can be merchandised to improve impulse shopping and overall store sales performance.

    Fred Petrivelli, Vice President of Sales says, “Helping customers find new products and showing them how to sell them was a key initiative for us at the show this year. Based on the level of interest we saw in the merchandising area and with the 17 new suppliers we had on the show floor, I would say we delivered on that one.”  When asked if the on-the-floor promotions delivered, too, he said, “Keeping the energy up on the show floor was easy. The power hours were terrific!”

    The company reported that their pre-cart order building process was a success this year with more than 64% of the registered dealer accounts having come prepared with some of their buying pre-planned. The pre-cart sales totals were up over 50% from 2018. Ralph Ruzzi, Vice President of NTP-STAG Canada said, “Obviously, coming to the show prepared gives people more time to spend with suppliers on the floor learning about new products and I think that really helped us achieve our overall sales plan at the event.”

    “Based on what we experienced in Nashville this week, I’d have to say that things are off to a pretty good start,” says Rogers. “The suppliers were very complimentary. Our customers were appreciative and upbeat, and they really showed a keen interest in a lot of the new things we introduced. From our Marketing Garage digital content solutions and Parts VIA to product and service offers from DISH, Pet Comfort, Blue Ox, Airxcel, Carefree, Valterra and others, I really couldn’t be happier with what I saw this week.  The best part was being able to build on so many great relationships that we have.”


    For more than 50 years, NTP-STAG has been serving fellow enthusiasts and professionals across the industry. Today, as a division of Keystone Automotive Operations, the company is highly regarded as the leading distribution company across the recreation vehicle market and is uniquely positioned to offer customers and suppliers substantial scale, the most comprehensive inventory selection in the industry, high levels of customer service, and innovative marketing support. NTP-STAG is committed to expanding its offerings to meet the ever-growing needs of its customer base, providing them what they need, when they need it.

  • NTP-STAG’s Pre-Cart Functionality Makes Preparing for EXPO Easier Than Ever

    Exeter, PA – One of the most important things a dealer can do before they attend NTP-STAG’s EXPO, is prepare. “Over the past several years we have integrated technology solutions into our trade show to make it easier for our customers to maximize their time on the show floor with us and take advantage of all the special offers we provide,” states John Spaulding, Director of Events and Communications. “Early preparation and utilization of these new tools can really improve a customer’s experience at the show,” he adds.

    The company found that dealers who reviewed their purchase histories, took stock of their inventory and forecasted their demand for certain products before the show typically had more time to visit with suppliers about new lines and learn about new products and services offered by NTP-STAG. “Our Pre-Cart option within VIA allows our customers to get a head-start on building their show orders. The functionality is available now, giving everyone attending EXPO plenty of time to develop a buying plan for when they are with us in Nashville January 22-23,” says Fred Petrivelli, VP Sales NTP-STAG.

    NTP-STAG’s pre-cart works just like an e-commerce shopping cart. Customers can add items to the pre-cart by selecting the Add-to-Expo Cart button available on product list and product detail pages within VIA. Pre-cart contents can be modified at any time and show pricing will appear on those items at the opening of the show.

    EXPO attendee can also use the Pre-Show Upload tool available in the EXPO site. The Upload tool uses a simple Excel file format that allows customers to build their show buy and upload directly into a pre-cart. This is extremely helpful for customers that use their point of sales software to output usage reports. The information those reports generate can now be easily translated into a shopping cart making it much faster to build an order.

    To see a quick tutorial about Pre-Cart go to Expo Precart Tutorial to learn more.

    Technology advancements have also influenced how orders are placed at the show. Electronic ordering was introduced at EXPO two years ago, and is fast becoming the most popular way to submit orders. “Dealers are realizing that the time savings, order accuracy and other benefits associated with the technology makes the order writing process easier, faster and more enjoyable,” says Spaulding. “We use a bring-your-own-devise-and-data approach to our web-based solution and found that it is easier for people to use equipment they are familiar with. If it can connect to the internet, it can be used to place orders at the show.”

    NTP-STAG EXPO is the industry’s largest warehouse distributor sponsored event. It draws attendees from across North America and features educational programming, exhibits from over 200 suppliers, season-best buying opportunities and a variety of networking functions. The event is being held January 22-23 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. To learn more about the event or pre-cart ordering, customer should contact their sales representative or visit expo.ntpstag.com.

  • NTP-STAG Expo 2019 Show App Available Now

    Exeter, PA - NTP-STAG has announced the launch of the 2019 Expo Show App and its availability to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

    EXPO QR Code

    The App is the Expo attendee’s gateway to real time information about the show.  Users will gain access to the show agenda, RV University schedule and PRO Seminar speakers and topics. Additionally, the App provides an interactive floor plan to make finding suppliers easier and live updates for notifications on prize drawing winners, Power Hours and much more. It’s simple to use and a very handy tool to get the most out of the Expo experience.

    Getting the App is easy.  Go to https://guidebook.com/g/ntpstagexpo19

    1. Tap the "Download" button to download the free Guidebook app
    2. Open Guidebook and you can find our "NTP-STAG Expo 2019" guide
    3. Tap "Enter passphrase" and enter ntpstagexpo19 to download our guide

    Whether EXPO is the largest RV distributor sponsored event in North America. RV Dealers, Service Centers and Mobile Repair businesses are attracted to EXPO for the education and buying opportunities the event provides.  This year’s show will host 36 technical product and business development seminars at RV University. The exhibit hall will be home to nearly 200 suppliers showcasing new items, a model store and NTP-STAG exclusive marketing and merchandising offers. The season’s best deals await NTP-STAG’s customers at EXPO and the new Show App makes getting the most out of the event, easy.

    NTP-STAG is the leading full service distributor and marketer of aftermarket RV products and services, uniquely positioned to offer customers and suppliers substantial scale, experienced associates, the most comprehensive inventory selection in the industry, high levels of customer service, and innovative marketing support. NTP-STAG is committed to expanding its offerings to meet the ever-growing needs of its customer base, providing them what they need, when they need it.

  • NTP-STAG Announces 2019 PRO Education Series Speakers

    Exeter, PA – A fresh lineup of subject matter experts has been selected to lead the 2019 NTP-STAG Professional Retail Organization (PRO) business development seminar series. PRO provides NTP-STAG customers with live and web-based continuing education courses that focus on in-store and online retail operation proficiency.

    The courses are free with content ranging from store readiness and customer relationship management to e-commerce and salesmanship. Each course builds a learner’s confidence with the subject matter and provides tactical, “put-it-to-work-today” recommendations that can improve retail operations and profitability. They are appropriate for all levels of experience and those enrolled have the chance to earn a scholarship to attend RV University during the NTP-STAG Expo.

    “We launched the PRO education series 8 years ago and now have over 96 courses archived online. They can be accessed 24-7 making it easy for students to take classes when it is convenient for them,” states John Spaulding, Director of Communications & Events at NTP-STAG. “We believe programs like PRO help build awareness about the importance retail operations play in customer acquisition and retention as well as the value it brings to organizational sales and profitability.”

    Marcus Sheridan

    The 2019 curriculum builds on PRO’s tradition of delivering quality content from quality speakers.

    Marcus Sheridan is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker known for his unique ability to excite, engage and motivate audiences. In 2017 Forbes named Marcus 1 of 20 “Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss.” Marcus has been dubbed a “Web Marketing Guru” by the New York Times and featured in Inc., The Globe and Mail, Forbes, and more. Sheridan will be talking about content marketing strategies and how they can generate traffic, leads, and sales. In today’s marketplace, what we say, how we say it, and where it is seen or heard can have a dramatic impact on business. Marcus’s presentation will help attendees better understand that dynamic and be more thoughtful about content strategies.

    Gabrielle Bosche

    Gabrielle Bosche is the leading expert in generational diversity and millennial engagement. She is regularly called on for her insight from print, radio and television outlets. Gabrielle conducts research on millennial retention and brand loyalty and has led research efforts in partnership with organizations such as The Catholic University of America and Burk International. A millennial herself, Gabrielle specializes in demystifying the millennial generation and motivating them to do and be more. Her PRO seminars will focus on hiring and retaining employees and managing in a multi-generational office environment. Finding good people and creating a business culture that is rewarding for individuals and profitable for the company is Gabrielle’s focus.

    Valerie Ziebron


    Valerie Ziebron has worked with hundreds of clients – big and small to increase not only CSI and profitability but also job enjoyment. She firmly believes that “Work that’s fun gets done!” She has delivered thousands of presentations around the world for dealers and their OEM partners. Her clients have included Yamaha, Chrysler, GM, Eastman Kodak and many others. Valerie makes a special study of what a dealership can do to “flip the switch from Reactive to Proactive” and how a proactive stance in customer service can influence loyalty and improve the lifetime value of a customer. With retail and service providing the most touch points for customer engagement in a dealership, Valerie’s presentation is sure to have a lasting impression with attendees.

    For more information about RV University the PRO education series or the 2019 NTP-STAG Expo go to expo.ntpstag.com or talk to an NTP-STAG customer service representative.

    NTP-STAG is the leading full service distributor and marketer of aftermarket RV products and services, uniquely positioned to offer customers and suppliers substantial scale, experienced associates, the most comprehensive inventory selection in the industry, high levels of customer service, and innovative marketing support. NTP-STAG is committed to expanding its offerings to meet the ever-growing needs of its customer base, providing them what they need, when they need it.

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